Events at the Bulthaup Culinary Academy

Events at the Bulthaup Culinary Academy

The Bulthaup Culinary Academy is a home for anyone who loves food, cooking, flavors, aromas and beautiful kitchens that arouse a desire for good food. In our beautiful home at the Tel Aviv port, we serve up a variety of workshops and stylish events that bring you the finest local and international cuisines, with the very best chefs and food personalities in Israel. In addition to the diverse, always changing cooking workshops that are open to the public, our fully-equipped kitchen and professional staff offer an appetizing framework for celebrating private events in a boutique style - surprise parties, anniversaries, business events or simply a celebration of friends, family and colleagues.


We host groups in a variety of culinary events: you can come to enjoy a customized chef’s meal, actively participate in a variety of practical workshops, have fun in a Master Chef-style event, or put together your very own event according to your particular tastes. At each and every one of these events, we promise fine wine, a relaxed atmosphere, and a tasty, refreshing and interesting experience.


The Academy kitchen is kosher, and designed for a stylish, intimate atmosphere. At all our events, food and drink are served generously. There are several different event types to choose from:


Iron Chef – After everyone gathers, has a drink and something light to eat, the action starts. Guests are divided into groups (the number of groups depends upon the number of participants) and each group receives the same menu, with the same recipes and instructions. The clock starts ticking, the ingredients are arranged on the table, and the teams break into action. The chef and his team guide the participants throughout the entire cooking process, and encourage all of the participants to improvise freely.


At the end of allotted time – you’ll never believe how fast it flies – the chef judges the portions and declares the winning team. Then everyone enjoys the meal they all cooked together. With a fine glass of wine in hand, even the team that doesn’t win feels victorious.


In addition to the culinary delights and learning new recipes that you can prepare in your own kitchen, this event is an invigorating break from the usual office routine. It brings people closer together, and creates a shared experience that will always be fun to remember.

Number of participants: 12 to 30. Price: 400 to 450 NIS per person (not including tax).


Private Meal – Come to the Academy to enjoy an excellent meal with the people you most want to impress, pamper, or bond with. You’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with a fancy restaurant – delicious food that’s prepared on-site, excellent wines, waiters, and a festive, pleasure-filled atmosphere – all in a private room and a table set especially for you and your guests. The meal will be cooked by a chef in an open style kitchen, according to a menu that you set in advance together with us, and one that will be adjusted exactly to your culinary dreams and personal tastes. And no, you don’t need to clear the table at the end of the meal. You also don’t have to wash any dishes, or leave a tip.

Number of participants: Up to 25. Price: 400 to 600 per person, not including tax.


Frontal Workshop – The Bulthaup Culinary Academy offers a golden path between pleasure of the senses and expanding your horizons. The chef cooks, explains and demonstrates, while you, glass of wine in hand, relax, smile, learn, taste, and enjoy.


Through a group activity that really connects the participants, you’ll sharpen your kitchen skills, strengthen the culinary abilities you’ve always wanted to express, and leave the workshop with new recipes to add to your repertoire. We’ll make sure that your wine glass is always full, so we recommend that you concentrate!

Number of participants: Up to 30. Price: 350 to 450 shekels, not including tax.


Practical Workshop – Cooking together is fun, which is why it’s no coincidence that when we are invited to a meal with relatives or friends, many of us offer to help out in the kitchen. We invite you to do this in the pleasant, spacious and modern kitchen at the Bulthaup Academy. The work areas, appliances, and kitchenware are all waiting for you, along with a chef that will share trade secrets as you try out the recipes yourselves. The practical workshop comes in two formats:


Family Meal

The family meal format is perfect for groups that want a cooperative experience from beginning to end. In this type of workshop, the participants cook in an assembly line format. The chef, Academy staff, and workshop participants work together, and at the same time, to prepare a single full meal, from the chopping stages and through to arranging the food beautiful on tge serving dishes. The chef divides the tasks amongst all the participants so that a single, perfectly timed meal is prepared, one which everyone enjoys together at the end. This format is designed for events aimed at uniting a group of people through varied work that has a single common goal. The menu will be put together by the chef in advance, in consultation with you, and according to your requests.

The workshop is suitable for groups of up to 15 people.


Working in Teams

This format involves separate teams that work at the same time to prepare separate dishes. At the end of the process, all the dishes are served as a single meal. Participants are divided into three or four small groups, and each group prepares two to three dishes from a pre-set menu. In this type of workshop, each participant has the opportunity to get to know the people in his or her team more intimately, and to work closely and cooperatively with the other people on their team. In this workshop, the chef consults with the organizers first to determine the perfect menu in order to achieve the desired results, and to suit everyone’s tastes.

The workshop is suitable for groups of 15 to 25 people.

Price: 350 to 450 shekels, not including tax.


External Chef

You can invite one of the following chefs to your event, for an additional charge:
Maidan Siboni, Omar Miller or Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, winner of Master Chef.


Additional Content

We offer several possibilities for enriching your event:


• Market Tour

It’s our good fortune to be located just a short walking distance from the Farmers’ Market at the Tel Aviv Port. After we meet and have some refreshments and wine at the Academy, we’ll take you to the market. The market tour is guided by Chef Avner Laskin, who will take you for a walk among the market stalls, explain and suggest how to choose foods and what to buy for the meal you want to prepare at home. The tour, which includes tastings and modest gift packages, is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with new products and expand your culinary horizons. The tour lasts for about 45 minutes.

Market tour by appointment, for an addition 50 NIS per person, not including tax.


• Lecture

Food writers Hila Alpert and Amit Aronson join the Academy team with juicy culinary lectures that tell you about their experiences in the world of food. You can adjust the content of the lecture so that it matches the dishes that will be served at your event.


• In addition to the types of events described above, you can also put together your own event, meal or workshop according to your budget, number of participants, and of course, your own particular taste. The Bulthaup Academy kitchen is kosher under rabbinical supervision. All events are offered to private groups and companies.


Have we whet your appetite? Contact us and we’ll be delighted to answer any question, and to plan with you a culinary event that perfectly fits what you like on your plate, and the manner in which you like to host and entertain.



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