Bulthaup Culinary Academy

Whiskey Workshop

This workshop is an ideal meeting of the minds for people who love fine meat and people are curious about whiskey. We’ll celebrate the partnership between American Drinks and the Bulthaup Academy, and offer fine whiskey tastings alongside a fascinating lecture about the enchanting world of whiskey. You’ll learn how to smell, taste and familiarize yourself with all types of drinks, and Chef Avner Laskin will prepare delicious meat dishes to create a perfect creative experience with both depth and soul.

Options for Lecture Topics and Whiskey Types

  • Night of American Whiskey
  • Window on the World of Whiskey
  • Night of Smoked Whiskey
  • Night of Single Malts

A special menu will be prepared for each evening that will suit the types of whiskeys being tasted.

Sample menu from Chef Avner Laskin

  • Focaccia with Meat
  • Roasted Cornish Hen with Mixed Spices
  • Homestyle Sloppy Joy
  • Grilled Beef Sirloin
  • Gently Roasted Beef Stew
  • Entrecote on the Bone


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