Bulthaup Culinary Academy


In autumn 2013, Bulthaup Israel welcomed a new member to its family – the Culinary Academy.


We believe that food is a language that connects people, and that with the proper knowledge, anyone can set amazing dishes on the table.


The Culinary Academy offers a fresh approach to learning culinary skills and hospitality. Our workshops give participants the opportunity to be acquainted with various cuisines from Israel and around the world.


The workshops have been built to enrich participants’ cooking skills, enabling each and every participant to apply the techniques that they learn here in their own home kitchens.


The Bulthaup Culinary Academy creates an environment that respects the creative and practical process of food-making. We work with tools and ingredients that are easily available and inexpensive, but we never compromise on freshness and quality.


In addition to our diverse workshops, we also offer tailor-made private events in which participants can host and participate, taste, sip, relax and enjoy great food. We know that at good meals and social outings, atmosphere is just as important as taste. That’s why when you come to our workshops and events, you don’t just learn and eat; you also enjoy authentic hospitality and excellent wine that never stops flowing. You’re invited to a few hours of relaxation and pleasure around the Academy table.


The head of the culinary staff at the Bulthaup Culinary Academy is Chef Avner Laskin, who believes food is the best way to connect with people. At the age of 23, Avner opened his first restaurant, Bix, at the Tel Aviv Marina, serving Mediterranean food with a distinct Italian influence.


Avner later expanded his culinary skills by studying baking and cooking in France, where he focused on handmade bread-making. When he returned to Israel, Avner founded the Tel Aviv De Luca restaurant. Over the past decade, Avner has published more than 20 books on baking and cooking that are sold across Israel and around the world.


Avner specializes in Mediterranean baking and cooking, and advocates using local best-quality ingredients, including fresh sea fish, excellent vegetables, high-quality olive oil and fresh herbs. “The raw materials are my palette of colors, as an artist,” says Avner. This is the spirit that guides the work at the Academy.