Bulthaup Culinary Academy

Iron Chef

After everyone gathers, has a drink and a few snacks, the action starts. Guests are divided into groups (the number of groups depends upon the number of participants) and each group receives the same menu with the same recipes and instructions for preparing the dishes on the menu. The clock is ticking, the ingredients are arranged on the table, and the teams break into action. The chef and his team guide the participants throughout the entire cooking process, and encourage all of the participants to improvise freely.


At the end of allotted time – you’ll never believe how fast it flies – the chef judges the portions, declares the winning team, and everyone enjoys the meal they all cooked together. With a fine glass of wine in hand, even the team that doesn’t win feels victorious.


Beyond the culinary delights and the new recipes that you can prepare in your own kitchen, the Iron Chef event is an invigorating break from the usual office routine. It brings people closer together, and creates a shared experience that is will always be fun to remember.

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