Bulthaup Culinary Academy

Following the introduction and success of the Thai Food Workshop at the Bulthaup Culinary Academy, we are happy to announce that we are opening this workshop for groups. The talented chef and workshop leader Israel Sher guides, with great patience and love, anyone who is interested in learning the secrets of Thai cuisine, and how simple and easy it is to prepare.


This workshop's pleasure comes primarily from the simplicity of the dishes and the knowledge that they are a lot easier to prepare in your home kitchen than you may think.


At this workshop, you'll learn what you need to pick up at the grocery store and how to put together a successful Thai meal. You'll also get the tools you need to prepare a meal for friends and family. You can hold a practical workshop for a private group with an element of competition, or a workshop that combines the cooking skills needed for hosting a meal prepared as a group.




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