Bulthaup Culinary Academy

Thursday Dinner

Chef Gil Chen
Thursday, April 26, 2018
at 20:00
Next workshop:
בשעה 20:00

Fully Dooked


 Focaccia and other good things

 Ceviche, burnt vegetables, hardboiled egg, herbs and salsa


First course

Sea fish ceviche

Salad of sears beets, basil tomatoes and Kalamata olives


Serenig dishes

Lamb shoulder in long cooking with tomatoes and onions

 Crushed potatoes, za'atar, tahini and black pepper

 Green Salad and Baladi squash, dry mint and lemon

 Whole fish roasted with tomato paste, sage and burnt asparagus



A surprising dessert table


* The menu varies according to the raw materials found in the farmers' market


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