Bulthaup Culinary Academy

Chef Avner Laskin

To meet the diner at exactly the right time for the dish

“Why do I cook? The answer to that very basic question is simple: I cook so that the food I make will be delicious to the diner for whom I cooked. I don’t cook from a place of survival, as my parents’ generation did, but out of a desire and need for the food and the cooking process to be a pleasurable experience for everyone who participates in it.


For me, the raw materials are my palette as an artist. Over the years, I have started to take more precision in the preparation, in particular in the approach that says that everything I prepare must meet the diner at exactly the right time for the dish. To me, that is food.”


Chef Avner Laskin is the head of the culinary staff at the Bulthaup Culinary Academy. Avner founded the Bix and De Luca restaurants in Tel Aviv. He studied cooking and baking in France, and focused on studying handmade bread. Avner specializes in Mediterranean baking and cooking, based on local raw materials. Over the past ten years, he has published more than 20 recipe books that are sold in Israel and worldwide. At the Academy, Avner leads the following workshops: Meat Secrets, Rustic Baking, Morning Indulgence, and How to Cook Fish at Home. Together with his daughter Noa, he also leads the Children’s Cooking Workshop.