Bulthaup Culinary Academy

Spring Roll Filled with Fish and Root Vegetables in Tom Yum Sauce

Makes 1 Roll

10 grams (1 sheet) rice paper 
50 grams cooked  sea fish, cut into strips
15 grams julienne-cut carrots
15 grams julienne-cut radish 
15 grams green onion , sliced thin
10 grams alfalfa sprouts 
15 grams arugula  
Roasted peanuts, for service
Tom yum sauce, for serving

Place the rice paper in a bowl of warm water and let it sit for a couple of seconds, just until soft.
1.Place a dry towel on your work surface.
2.Transfer the softened rice paper to the towel and flatten gently. 
3.Arrange the fish, carrots, radish, red onion, alfalfa sprouts and arugula on the middle of the rice paper. 
4.Fold over the top and bottom of the paper, and then roll to close.
5.Top with roasted peanuts and tom yum sauce, and  serve.